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Teer Basketball Training Camps are some of the best and most effective basketball skills events run in the entire state of Maine. We focus on creating LASTING changes with your abilities and habits. We build up a fundamental foundation with proper habits and positive thinking and confidence while noticing, breaking, and getting rid of negative/bad habits or ways of thinking. No player leaves our camps with anything less of a change in mindset, and a change in abilities.
  1. Piscataquis County Middle School Top 30 Camp

    February 16 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
  2. Aroostook County Top 30 Middle School Camp

    February 23 @ 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST


📆: November 2nd

⏰: Times for 5th – 8th: 9AM-12PM and 2nd-4th: 12PM-1PM

🏀: Grades: 5th-8th and 2nd-4th

🏫: Penquis Valley High School GYM

😁: Price $60 ($50 Early Bird Price) & $40 ($35 Early Bird) 40 Spots Max



⏰: Times for 5th – 8th: 9AM-12PM and 1st-4th: 1230PM-130PM

🏀: Grades: 5th-8th and 1st-4th

🏫: Center Drive School

😁: Price $60 ($50 Early Bird Price) & $40 ($35 Early Bird) 40 Spots Max

2019 Rockland-Teer Training Fall Skills Camp

📆: November 9 & 10

⏰: 4th – 8th: 3PM-6PM

🏫: Flanagan Community Center (Rockland Rec)

😁: Price $75 (40 Spots Max)


2019 Summer Camp Recap


What is going to be offered at Skills Camp?

5th-8th Grade Camp: will be jam packed with concepts. Coach Ben has put together the perfect camp to help the beginner and advanced players. Coach Ben is starting to become well-known for his Solo Drills. These are drills that can be done by yourself even around a group of people. The concept is you feel like you’re in the gym all by yourself. Locked in and focused on each drill and concept. We will focus on concepts seen at the Jr High Level and what it takes to be a stand out player. Competitive game play will be offered to incorporate what is learned and taught. Also our Game-Day Breakdown Sessions will be offered. Players will be able to watch some of their favorite players do some of the skills and concepts taught by Coach Ben.

High School Camps: These will be intense and challenging. My idea is to bring new concepts and techniques never seen before. We will work on a variety of in game situations, counter moves, high-low’s, change of speeds, read and reaction sequences, and much more. I want to not only give the high school athletes the drills they need to excel at the high school level but push them to a new limit and out of their comfort zone. Competitive game play will be offered and our Game Day Break down Sessions will be shown. I really want athletes to understand these camps will get them better and offer fundamentals, techniques, and concepts that they never will see any where else and will have above most of their competition.

Is there a waiver and registration?

When checking out or paying for the camps online, please, if you can, fill out and email/send in the forms 30 days before camp!!!. If by any chance you can’t please bring these in on camp day. PLEASE NOTE: Unless filled out and brought in, your child/you will not be able to participate. Also you will receive an email later with a camp itinerary!

Will a Camp Shop be offered?

A camp shop will be offered with clothing, socks, online programs, training merchandise, and online training packets. Also if by any chance we sell out of gear computers will be present to order directly from our online shop!

What's expected from you, the athlete?

I try to make this clear every year. This is not a baby sitting camp. This is not a camp to strictly have fun at.

This is a time to get better and improve. I take my time seriously and my passion is to help athletes who love the game and want to become better. Most of my drills are designed to push you out of your comfort zone. This helps with tons of things like self-confidence, determination, and pushes you out of this “quitting when gets tough” mentality most athletes have developed.

When athletes come in for fun/not serious and not to improve they very much become frustrated and bored with what’s going on, so I urge you older athletes to come in with the right attitude!

Previous Customers

If you want to get it done and work on your craft of basketball, then train with Ben. There is no trainer out there like him, he’s one of a kind. He’s a basketball IQ guru and knows how to push people to their limits. It doesn’t matter what the weakness is in your game, Ben can help you fix it. Not only is he a great trainer but also a mentor as well. He has taught me to get rid of all the negativity in my life and to only listen to what I say about myself. I now realize if I truly believe in myself, then anything is possible. It isn’t an easy road, but with Ben by my side pushing me to the limits and then I will succeed.

Keenan Hendricks
Northern Maine Champion, State-Runner Up, All Maine Tourney 1st Team, Top 10 Point Guard In State of Maine

I am the Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach at Narraguagus High School. This year we had an amazing season. We ended with a record of 19-2 and were able to win our first Maine Class C State Championship in school history. I believe 110% that championships are won by TEAM play, but you do have to have capable athletes that are willing to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done to get themselves to that championship floor. I have several girls on my team that have put in many many hours of practice. They not only put in their time with the team, they put months and some even years working with Teer Basketball Training to be the best players they can be. With Coach Bens help, I saw great improvement in their ball handling skills and their overall comfort and confidence when holding a basketball. I am extreamly proud of them for taking their game to another level and wanting to put in their best effort for the team. I encourage any athlete, at any age, who may be looking to improve their individual game, to contact Coach Ben at Teer Basketball Training. I believe those that are willing to push and challenge themselves to get better, are in turn making their team better. This requires althletes putting time and effort into their game outside of the regular basketball season.

Heather Thompson

When it comes to results, Coach Ben’s name should be by that word as the definition. He under-promises and over-delivers. He has taken every aspect of his game to a level I thought I’d never see and because of that is the best teacher at helping anyone do the same. His passion and honesty is something very rare in the training industry and even outside of the US people are starting to hear about his name.

Josh Johnson
Starting PG for the Uganda National Team

Having a Skills Trainer is so important if you want to get your game to the next level. My Sophomore Year, the season before I started training with Coach Ben I was a 16-18 average PPG (points per game) player. Then I trained with you before and during my Junior season and averaged 26,5 PPG (points per game). It helped me see so many things I was doing that with every micro fix made it a lot easier to score or get defenders to do what I wanted them to do at anytime and score so much easier. Training with someone is a tremendous help especially with the right trainer!

Bryce Gilbert
All Maine Boys State Player

Thank you for everything Ben. YOU have helped me become the player I am today. Couldn’t have achieved anything I have this year with you. Still more to come though.

Emma Alley
All Maine State Girls Player and 1000 Point Scorer