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Training Classes for Junior High and High Schoolers in 5 different locations held weekly all year all over the state!

Teer Training System Of Development

The Process Pyramid:

Layer 1: Focus & Foundation

We detail out the Foundation that every player needs. Working from the ground up and helping athletes develop the 10 MUST-HAVE skills that almost all of basketball depends upon. 

If you have these skills your entire game will withstand ANYTHING, but if you don’t have these skills, at some point down the road, conflicts and problems will occur that hold you back from your ultimate potential.

Layer 2: Tool Box

Next, we dive into options and tools needed to dominate the game. You cant build a foundation without the proper tools and that’s exactly what you get here.

By filling the toolbox with proper moves, counters, attack angles, IQ and understanding of the game, we help players take their foundation and start to implement it into the game.

Layer 3: Mastery & Reps

The TRUE secret of all, is REPS. The last stage is helping athletes understand how to properly master all that’s shown through purposeful and accountable reps. Results and progress come quicker and unlike ever before.

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