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  • In-State Videographers who have in combined 1M+ Followers
  • National Media Outlets
  • Top 10 Write Up of Top Performers

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Top 30 Under and UpperClassmen from the State of Maine

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  • Professional Skills Trainers
  • Dynamic Stations
  • Combine Test
  • Guest NBA Trainers

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  • Elite Talent
  • Fresh Gear
  • Quality Facility
  • Exclusive Gifts

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High School

No events currently scheduled.

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No events currently scheduled.

2021 Maine's Top 30 Girls and Boys Weekend Recap!!

Top 5 2021 Camp Performers!

Top 5 Girls Performers

1. Sloane Ginevan (MVP and All Star)

2. Sierra Carson (MVP and All Star)

3. Sarah Talon (1v1 Queen of the Court and All Star)

4. Lizzy Gruber (All Star)

5. Elise MacNair (All Star)

Top 5 Boys Performers

1. Cash McClure (MVP, 1v1 Champion, All Star)

2. John Shea (All Star)

3. Dom Campbell (All Star)

4. JP Estrella (All Star)

5. Casey Cormier/Will Lobor (All Star)

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