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2020 Top 10 Girls Performers and Write Up

2020 Girls Top Performers

Class of 2022 Sarah Talon (College: Univ of Maine Verbal Commit)

Sarah, is a tremendous talent. She won Camp MVP and the 1v1 Queen of Court Competition. She can effect the game from all areas and it’s what makes her so impressive. When she’s out there, you know she’s out there! She showed grit and outstanding play making ability. She never took a play off and had a fierceness in her attacking and slashing game. While finishing with either hand in many different ways. Her athleticism was more impressive than last year and you could tell she had grown over the year and gotten stronger. Not to mention, she has incredible defensive tendencies. Her ability to turn and beat you to the spot or meet you in the air is what makes her a defensive stopper as well, especially with her length. She will continue to impress people with her game. If she continues to improve her jump shot Sarah could be one of the best players Maine has seen in a while!!

Strengths: Consistent, Athleticism, Playmaking, Defense

Weaknesses: Shooting, Finishing with Left

Class of 2021 Camille Clement (College: Northeastern)

When it comes to shooters I think everyone knows Camille has one of the best strokes in Maine. But what was great to see was the different ways she could score and shoot the ball. She also showed a great feel for scoring from all 3 levels and we definitely could see improvement from last year, especially in her ability to create off the dribble and score around the rim. Also saw huge improvements in her defense, making some impressive steals and deflections then turning them into points. Camille has a quiet athleticism to her game that I don’t think most realize. She finished in the near top of almost every Combine drill and you could see that when she played. She found herself getting rebounds, finishing over taller players and getting great lift off the floor for her pull up. If she continues to work on her defense, and overall playmaking skills Camille could have a magical year!!

Strengths: Shooting, Finishing, Open Court Decision Making

Weaknesses: On Ball Defense, Creating off the Dribble

Class of 2021 Gemima Motema (College: Northeastern Commit)

Offensively Gemima is one of the most creative and explosive players you will see. She can dominate the game offensively and defensively. She is easily one if not, THE the most athletic player in Maine. Gemima has really improved since last year in understanding when to pick her spots and attack. She’s a 3 level scorer that in transition is virtually unstoppable. Defensively she’s sound and really commits to forcing offensive players to make mistakes. Many athletic players rely on their athleticism, Gemima is a special talent that is skilled on both ends of the floor as well. She has the ability to dominate the game from every aspect. Just like Sarah when Gemima can force defenders to play her shot, I’m not sure how you will slow her down. That’s scary….

Strengths: Athleticism, Finishing, Playmaking, Defense

Weaknesses: Shooting, Competing Consistently

Class of 2021 Amanda Kabantu (College: Bentley Commit)

Amanda is an incredible player that can control and dictate the game on both ends of the floor…she’s smooth and always seems to be going at a comfortable pace never seeming rushed. What impressed us the most about Amanda was her understanding of when to get her teammates involved and want to take over the game. And she could do just about anything. Transition, mid range pull ups, three point shots, guard other teams best player, she did it all. She’s a game changer and will certainly prove that this year and at the next level!!

Strengths: Aggressive, Athleticism, Finishing, Attacking Basket

Weaknesses: Shooting, Decision Making

Class of 2023 – Sierra Carson (Not Committed)

Sierra is one of the best finishers in the state of Maine and attacks the rim like few I’ve seen. She’s tenacious on both ends of the floor and has a great understanding of where to get to around the rim. Outside of her finishing she is one of the most athletic players in Maine and has the IQ to be a high level player. She showed great poise and was able to hit the outside shot as well. Being the youngest top performer lookout for the rest of her career, bright bright future ahead of her.

Strengths: Aggressiveness, Finishing, Attacking

Weaknesses: Playmaking, Shooting, Creating Shot

Class of 2022 – Jaycie Christopher (Offers/Interests: BU, Quinnipiac, and More) (Not Committed)

Jaycie is a special talent. The 6’0” guard has everything imaginable to become a big time college player. Jaycie plays with such poise and composure for being so young. She is strong and aggressive but fast and athletic enough to cause mismatch problems on every team. She can do just about everything. She can score from all 3 levels and is an exceptional playmaker. Jaycie turned heads immediately on Day 1 and never looked back. Her energy and high IQ + work ethic will keep her at the top of the Class of 2022 for her entire career.

Strengths: Shooting, Playmaking, Decision Making, Defense

Weaknesses: Aggressiveness, Creative Finishing in Half Court

Class of 2023 – Lizzy Gruber (Offers/Interests: UMaine, UNH, and More) (Not Committed)

One of the few post players at Camp, 6’3” Lizzy Gruber stood out right away. As talented as she is on offense, she was just as dominant on defense. Blocking, protecting the rim, and causing missed shots/turnovers in the half court or around the rim. Lizzy has great instincts on where to be and what to do when guards drive near her. She’s athletic and agile enough to guard almost every position on the floor. Lizzy is also an incredible finisher around the rim. She makes tough shots look easy and her footwork is incredibly advanced for her age. If Lizzy continues to get stronger, and expand her game away from the rim she will be unstoppable in Maine.

Strengths: Defensive Tendencies, Footwork, Finishing, Shot Blocking

Weaknesses: Physicality, Strength, Shooting

Class of 2023 – Sloane Ginevan (Not Committed)

Sloane at 5’10” has potential to be one of the most intriguing prospects in the Class of 2023. Her size and athleticism is that of other players older than her. Her skill set, and tenacity can place her as a mid-major college prospect, and her strength as a guard is very rare for her age. She can score from every level. She is a scrappy on ball defender and can guard positions 1-5, and she is an incredible rebounder for her position. She brings energy and fire on both ends of the floor and is a true 2 way player. Even in the first day when her shots weren’t falling she still was a major contributor which says a ton about her abilities.

Strengths: On Ball Defense, Attacking, Strength/Physicality, Finishing

Weaknesses: Shooting, Decision Making, Consistency

Class of 2022 – Grace Ramsdell (Not Committed)

Grace was easily another top player for the Class of 2023. Her size and abilities to play multiple positions jumped out as us right away. Super impressed with not just her size and strength but how mobile she was. She moved like a guard but also strong enough to play in the mid/low post. She had a smooth midrange jumper and really understood angles and how to use her body around the rim. Her game was simple but effective and we cannot wait to see how she progresses over the years.

Strengths: Playmaking, Strength/Size, Scoring

Weaknesses: Shooting, Consistency

Class of 2023 – Elise McNair (Not Committed)

Elise was a breath of fresh air. She played with such intensity and determination. She showed up ready to make a name for herself. I’ll be honest, we didn’t know much about her before Camp, and she soon changed all of that. Easily one of the most impressive slashers/scorers off the bounce and when she gets to her left hand, she wasn’t stopped much. Elise will continue to improve and with her size and strength as a guard, she will be an interesting watch as she gets older.

Strengths: Strength, Slashing, Scoring, Competes

Weaknesses: Ambidexterity, Shooting, Athleticism

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