About Coach Ben Teer

Teer Basketball Training is operated and owned by Ben Teer, former Division 1 player at IONA College and Division 2 scholarship player at Alaska Fairbanks University. After only being recruited by one Division III University and not being recruited by a single Division II or Divsion I college, Teer decided to dedicate his time, energy, and soul to training and fulfilling his dream of being a scholarship player and Division 1 athlete.

He researched, and repitiously worked on every aspect of his game. He purchased every program out there that, “claimed” could help him become quicker, run faster, become more explosive, jump higher, shoot better, dribble faster, and score more. But he saw minimal to no results. Coach Ben, at 5’9 and slim athletic ability, had to gain an advantage in order to reach his dream, so outside of training he devoted hours to studying what some of the best players in the world were doing, he found exactly what he was looking for that summer. That year he learned and perfected what only a few players (like: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James) IN THE WORLD knew and was able to score effortlessly. He learned shooting secrets that Ray Allen had only shared a couple of times publically. He learned how to take these many secrets and incorprate them into his training habits. By doing this he became the player he had always dreamed he could become. His accolades in basketball range from Top 10 rankings in the state of Maine to New England Top 100. The first and only player in Washington Academy history to score 1,000 points and 2010 Class C Basketball State Champion.

He has played against NBA players such as: Jared Sullinger, Evan Turner, Aaron Craft, Tre Burke, Nik Stauskas, Phil Pressey, Loul Deng, Andrew Wiggins, Andre Drummond, Mitch McGary, and many more.

Teer suffered a serious injury 3 years ago that re-shaped his life and his basketball abilities. But the injury did allow him to step back and re-evaluate his life. When he was told he could no longer play the game of basketball the same, he made it his new mission to help young athletes fulfill their dreams through the same training that helped him get to the highest levels in collegiate basketball. He feels that everything happens for a reason and maybe he was not put on this Earth to fulfill his personal dreams but to help other athletes fulfill theirs. This is to help parents, coaches, and players understand that Teer can help them achieve their goals from his sports background, experience, and knowledge.