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Teer Basketball Training is operated and owned by Coach Ben Teer, former Division 1 player at IONA College and Division 2 scholarship player at Alaska Fairbanks University. After injured he finished out his career at the University of Maine at Machias where he led the Clippers to 2 Back to Back National Playoff Appearances and their First Conference Championship in over 20 years being named the Conference MVP, All-Conference, and All American Player.

His HS accolades in basketball range from Top 15 rankings in the state of Maine to NERR Top 100 Player. The first and only player in Washington Academy history to score 1,000 points and win in 2010 a Class C Basketball State Championship.

Since starting training in 2015, he has worked with over 20 Miss Maine & Mr Maine nominees, over 100+ college players and 200+ all-conference HS players and has grown Teer Basketball Training in Maine’s largest training brand.

Check out some testimonials from Coach Ben’s students

Coach Ben By the Numbers
Maine All State Players
D1-D3 college Players
All Conference HS Players
As a professional hooper, I’m always looking to improve my game and take my skill to the next level. Working with Ben was phenomenal. We talked about what I needed to work on, focusing on drills tailored to specific footwork and offensive production I was in need of. As meticulous as I am with details, Ben matched that. He truly cares about the work he does with his athletes and the personal gains the athletes get out of the time put in the gym. One of Maine’s best basketball trainers has to offer.
Troy Barnies
Professional Player in Russia & University of Maine at Orono standout
When it comes to results, Coach Ben's name should be by that word as the definition. He under-promises and over-delivers. He has taken every aspect of his game to a level I thought I'd never see and because of that is the best teacher at helping anyone do the same. His passion and honesty are something very rare in the training industry and even outside of the US people are starting to hear about his name.
Josh Johnson
Starting PG for the Uganda National Team
I am the Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach at Narraguagus High School. This year we had an amazing season. We ended with a record of 19-2 and were able to win our first Maine Class C State Championship in school history.

I believe 110% that championships are won by TEAM play, but you do have to have capable athletes that are willing to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done to get themselves to that championship floor.

I have several girls on my team that have put in many many hours of practice. They not only put in their time with the team, they put months and some even years working with Teer Basketball Training to be the best players they can be. With Coach Ben’s help, I saw great improvement in their ball-handling skills and their overall comfort and confidence when holding a basketball.

I am extremely proud of them for taking their game to another level and wanting to put in their best effort for the team. I encourage any athlete, at any age, who may be looking to improve their individual game, to contact Coach Ben at Teer Basketball Training. I believe those that are willing to push and challenge themselves to get better, are in turn making their team better. This requires athletes putting time and effort into their game outside of the regular basketball season.
Coach Heather Thompson
Having a Skills Trainer is so important if you want to get your game to the next level. My Sophomore Year, the season before I started training with Coach Ben I was a 16-18 average PPG (points per game) player. Then I trained with you before and during my Junior season and averaged 26,5 PPG (points per game). It helped me see so many things I was doing that with every micro fix made it a lot easier to score or get defenders to do what I wanted them to do at any time and score so much easier. Training with someone is a tremendous help, especially with the right trainer!
Bryce Gilbert
All Maine Boys State Player
Training with Coach Ben Teer has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their skill level. I’ve been working out with Ben since 2016 and have seen my level of talent and skill increase each year, his eye for micro-details and ability to correct players throughout sessions really sets him apart from other trainers. He truly wants his athletes to win, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed from being around him is his drive to help his athletes and make them as successful as possible.
Bryce Gilbert
Univ of Maine at Fort Kent guard, and Piscataquis High School’s all time leading scorer
Going into my first session with Coach Ben, I expected it to be like every other practice. It didn’t take long before I was totally drawn in. I was so impressed with how well he knew the game. It amazed me how he knew every single movement there was to something like a simple crossover and how to make it most effective.

I soon realized I needed to see and learn more. With each workout, I noticed how determined he was to improve my individual skills and my overall awareness of the game. I remember doing drills and combining moves that I never thought were possible to do in a game.

There are a lot of aspects to the game most people don’t think about that are essential to developing basketball skills that he incorporates in every session. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and developing that hand-eye coordination because this is how you get better.

Coach also has the perfect balance between constructive criticism and hyping you up. If you are doing a skill wrong, he will tell you and help you fix it. Once you get it, he will hype you up like crazy! He finds a way to build your confidence while still being tough. Above everything, he genuinely cares about you as a person. He makes the effort to travel to you, watch your games, and will always support you on and off the court.
Emily Wheaton
Univ of Maine at Presque Isle, former Presque Isle High School 1000 point scorer, and Class B Big East PLOY
Since I have started working with Coach Ben, there have been huge improvements in my game.  Anything from my shot or my attitude he has helped me with.  He has helped me to know my true potential.  He makes sessions fun, but we also work hard and get lots done.  He focuses the training around your weakness and small or big details that you need to get better at.  He pushes me and works me hard but also can lighten the mood with a joke, which is something I enjoy about training with him.
Maddie Russell
Top ranked Freshman in Maine & Southern Aroostook High School standout
I love training with Ben because he pushes you to your potential. He isn’t satisfied with mediocre when he knows you have more talent than that. His attention to detail while doing drills really helps me because when applying them to a real game, they are effective and sharp. I love his strive to help others. His goal is to develop basketball in Maine, and he’s already inspired/assisted hundreds of players. When training, he gives 110% effort which motivates me to do the same. Overall, he’s my favorite trainer and I cannot wait to continue working with him!
Sloane Ginevan
Falmouth High School guard and top freshman in Maine
Coach Teer has only been a part of my basketball journey for a short amount of time, but has made a significantly large impact on me as a basketball player in that time. I have been struggling with injuries throughout my college career and was not able to play as much as I would have liked my first two years and when I was able to play, I was not playing to the potential I knew I could. However, with Coach Teer’s help and guidance I was able to find my game again.

I was lucky enough to start working out with Coach Teer this summer and I honestly believe if he had not been my trainer I would not be as far on the path to being the best player I can be. Coach was able to help me hone my skills, as well as teach and add new skills and moves to my repertoire. Coach Teer was able to improve my game on the court, as well as my mental game.

I have struggled with my confidence and love for the game during my college career, and was not sure if I still had the killer instinct to play and compete, but even from the first workout Coach Teer saw it within me and helped me find it within myself again. Even in the short amount of time I’ve known Coach Teer, he has helped me in both those areas. He always has the wisest and most relevant advice and will have your back no matter what the circumstance. Not only has he helped me gain my confidence back, but he has helped me and is still helping me find my swagger on the court again.

Coach Teer is one of the most motivated and passionate individuals and trainers I have ever met and worked with, he fully commits to his players and will do anything in his power to help his players succeed. He designs every workout we do specifically to me and my game and spends the time to critique and perfect my game. Coach Teer makes sure every specific footstep, shot, dribble and move is perfect so that when it comes game time all of these skills we have worked on and perfected will come naturally and put me above the rest. This is my testimonial to Coach Ben Teer, thank you for all your time, effort and passion you show me and all of your players.
Lish Aube
Colby College standout
Over the past year, I have worked with Coach Ben. Since then I have seen huge gains in my game. He watches game film and focuses each session on what I need to get better at. Not only is he very knowledgeable of the game, but he brings a fun component to the sessions. I can tell how much he cares about his athletes by how much effort he puts into his business. Everything he does is for the benefit of the athletes. A year ago I was unsure of my future as a basketball player, Ben helped me realize that I can achieve anything I put my mind too.
Makaelyn Porter
Husson Univ committed, #1 ranked Girl in Class D basketball, and 1000 point scorer for Southern Aroostook High School
If you want to get it done and work on your craft of basketball, then train with Ben. There is no trainer out there like him, he's one of a kind. He's a basketball IQ guru and knows how to push people to their limits. It doesn't matter what the weakness is in your game, Ben can help you fix it. Not only is he a great trainer but also a mentor as well. He has taught me to get rid of all the negativity in my life and to only listen to what I say about myself. I now realize if I truly believe in myself, then anything is possible. It isn't an easy road, but with Ben by my side pushing me to the limits and then I will succeed.
Keenan Hendricks
Northern Maine Champion, State-Runner Up, All Maine Tourney 1st Team, Top 10 Point Guard In State of Maine
I have been with Ben since he’s started Teer Training, a long time ago when he wasn’t as experienced and as knowledgeable as he is now. All I can say is his training is irreplaceable.

It’s so unique and customized, which means a lot when you realize that, he didn’t have the same playing style as you. But he has the knowledge and the capability in order to adapt to a player's playing style, and most importantly help you PROGRESS as that unique player.

Because that’s the most important thing to him, it’s not the amount of sessions you train with him, it’s the knowledge of the game he teaches you, in those training sessions. And with that knowledge, the student starts PROGRESSING every day.

One thing I’ve learned with Ben is that the PLAYER is responsible for the accolades, that is solely on the player. But one thing that is one hundred percent guaranteed from Ben is progress. Every session you will progress, even if it’s the tiniest progression you are guaranteed to be heading in the right direction. The REPS come from the PLAYER the KNOWLEDGE comes from the TRAINER.
John Massaad
Forward at Husson Univ & Machias High School State Champion
I think working with Ben has been one of the best things I could have possibly done for myself. Not only did he teach me a bunch of dribble moves, drills, techniques, and ways to get off my shot, but he also taught me how to think the game and outsmart a defender. In my opinion, that’s one of the best things a trainer can do.
Cash McClure
Maranacook High School and #3 ranked in Class of 2022 in Maine
In my session with Coach Teer, we focused on a lot of things that would translate to getting me ready to play college basketball. Ben is really smart because he knows his players' games including their strengths and weaknesses. He also knows what skills to pinpoint to help that player make an impact on their team. For me, it was a lot of pressure ball-handling and finishing through contact with some moving catch and shooting as well.
Taylor Schildroth
Univ of Maine guard, and GSA former standout, 1000 point scorer, 3 time State Champ
Training with you has been a fun experience! You always create these sessions personal to who you are training and you get technical, which not a lot of trainers do. I feel that when I train with you, I get out of my comfort zone and you bring my game to the next level. You also make training fun but also challenging and know when we can laugh but also be serious and get to work.
Hannah Talon
St Joseph's College of Maine Committed & Windham High School stand out
I thought the session pushed me in a way that I have not been pushed before. I enjoyed doing new drills that I have never done before and at the same time I felt like I got a good workout in. I liked how we focused on the little things such as footwork in certain moves for a long period of time, instead of just working on things that I could already successfully do.
Kolleen Bouchard
Univ of Bentley, 2000 Point Scorer at Houlton HS, State Champ, and Miss Maine
Ben is an elite level trainer who truly cares about the people he works with and the sport he preaches. He dedicates his time to constantly learning basketball and each of the players he works with. Personally, he took the time to view film from my collegiate team and base the moves we worked on around situations I’d be placed in within our offense. He gives skill-specific and player-specific training, which immediately translates to on-court results.
Maddy McVicar
Guard at Univ Maine at Orono, Calais High School State Champ, and 1000 Point Scorer
Thank you for everything Ben. YOU have helped me become the player I am today. Couldn't have achieved anything I have this year with you. Still more to come!
Emma Alley
All Maine State Girls Player, 1000 Point Scorer
One word that comes to mind when thinking of Ben is dedicated. He is always willing to watch film, go to games, & listen to what each athlete wants to work on. His drills are very creative as they often force you to think about and do multiple things at once, simulating game-like situations. Ben knows how to push each individual athlete towards realistic & attainable goals.
Kenzie Worcester
Husson’s 2nd all time leading scorer, and 2000 point scorer at Washburn High School
First off I wouldn’t be the player I am without Ben Teer. He pays attention to every detail and knows so much about the game of basketball. Training makes you work! But it is so much fun and just after a few sessions, you feel like a better player. Lastly, Ben isn’t just a trainer. He’s become such a male role model for me and somebody I can really look up to! I would recommend him to anybody.
Katherine Alley
Husson Univ committed, Miss Maine SemiFinalist, 1000 point scorer for Stearns High School
I definitely liked how detailed everything was you could tell that you spent time thinking out what moves you were going to teach me and how you were going to teach me them. Just how you took our relationship to a personal level it wasn’t just you training me for money, you wanted to teach me ways I can elevate my game because you want to see all of your clients succeed and play at a high level.
Wyatt Hathaway
#6 ranked player in Class of 2022 in Maine and Leavitt High School 1000 point scorer
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